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by septillion

The number of kinase inhibitors entering clinical development has increased significantly in recent years. In addition to major pharmaceutical and biotech companies, an increasing number of emerging companies are focusing on their development. By 2020, small-molecule kinase inhibitors could generate annual revenues > billion.

This report assesses:

– R&D considerations specific to targeting kinases
– Current kinase inhibitor pipelines
– Commercial successes to date
– Near- and longer-term market outlook
– Corporate activities of firms involved with kinases

Kinases are now firmly established as a major class of drug targets. It was previously thought that kinases would be intractable drug targets due to the presumed need to compete with ATP and the assumption that sufficient selectivity would be unattainable. However, considerable progress has been made in understanding kinases and their function, and the past few years have seen a number of kinase inhibitors reach the market. Imatinib (Novartis’ Gleevec) is currently the most commercially successful, with sales reaching .7 billion in 2008. Erlotinib (OSI/Roche’s Tarceva) generated revenues of .1 billion the same year.

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of kinase inhibitors entering the clinic, and many more are in preclinical development. Kinase Therapeutics: Pipeline Assessment and Commercial Prospects identifies which kinase families and their respective members have attracted the greatest interest for therapeutic development and in which indications these kinases play a physiological or pathophysiological role and thus are most relevant for kinase inhibitor development.


1.1. The Function of Kinases
1.2. The Human Kinome
1.3. Kinase Classification
AGC Family
CAMK Family
CMGC Family
CK1 Family
STE Family
TK Family
TKL Family
Atypical Protein Kinases
1.4. Kinase Structure
1.5. Kinases as Drug Targets


2.1. Introduction
2.2. Cancer
2.3. Angiogenic Conditions
2.4. Inflammatory Diseases
2.5. Metabolic Disorders
2.6. CNS Conditions
2.7. Cardiovascular Disease

3.1. Introduction
3.2. Kinase Selectivity
Selectivity Profiles of Selected Inhibitors
How Selective?
3.3. Structural Features
X-Ray Structures and Multiple Conformations
3.4. Kinase Mutations
3.5. Intellectual Property Issues

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Small Molecules
Abl Inhibitors
Gleevec (imatinib)
Tasigna (nilotinib) and Sprycel (dasatinib)
EGF Family Inhibitors
Tarceva (erlotinib) and Iressa (gefitinib)
Tykerb (lapatinib)
Multi-Kinase Inhibitors
Nexavar (sorafenib)
Sutent (sunitinib)
Palladia (toceranib) and Masivet (mastinib)
mTOR Inhibitors
Rapamune (sirolimus)
Torisel (temsirolimus), Afinitor/Certican (everolimus), Endeavor (zotarolimus)
Rho Inhibitor
Eril (fasudil)
4.3. Biological Agents

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Overview
5.3. Kinase Inhibitors in Phase III
Enzastaurin and Ruboxistaurin
Pan-VEGFR Inhibitors
Votrient (pazopanib)
FGFR Inhibitors
5.4. Kinase Inhibitors in Phase II Development
5.5. Kinase Inhibitors in Phase I Development
5.6. Growth Factor Receptor Kinases
ErbB Family Kinases
ErbB2 and ErbB3
ErbB2 and EGFR
Multi-Kinase Inhibitors
5.7. Popular Kinase Cascades
PI3K, Akt, mTOR, S6K
Ras, Raf, MEK, ERK
Ardea Biosciences and Bayer
Array and AstraZeneca
JAK Family
5.8. Cell Cycle Inhibitors
Cyclic-Dependent Kinase (CDK)
Checkpoint Kinase (Chk)
Polo-Like Kinase (PLK)
BI-2536 and BI-6727
5.9. Popular Kinase Targets
Protein Kinase C
Broad Spectrum
Aurora 1
Aurora 2
Src Family
Kinases in Inflammatory Diseases
5.10. Other Kinases
Serine/Threonine Kinases
Tyrosine Kinases
Tyrosine-Like, CAMK, and Atypical Kinases
5.11. Outlook

6.1. Introduction
6.2. Major Companies
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Daiichi Sankyo
Eli Lilly
Johnson & Johnson
Merck & Co.
Merck Serono
6.3. Specialist Companies
ACT Biotech
Array BioPharma
Avila Therapeutics
Calistoga Pharmaceuticals
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals
Cylene Pharmaceuticals
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals
Kai Pharmaceuticals
Nerviano Medical Sciences
OSI Pharmaceuticals
Rigel Pharmaceuticals
Semafore Pharmaceuticals
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
6.4. Service Companies
Ambit Biosciences
KINAXO Biotechnologies
Upstate (Millipore)

7.1. Introduction
7.2. Near-Term Developments
7.3. Longer-Term Outlook


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Nov 092011
napa valley
by jlinczak

Ever heard of wine tasting tours? Wine tasting has been tried out by many people over the years. This is an art that not everybody can master quickly and is only for those who truly appreciate the different types of wine that are available in the market today. From knowing the different kinds of wine, to being able to tell the difference between these wines and read the label on a bottle of wine properly, many consider it an enjoyable task and often spend time going on tours for this purpose, to the best wineries across the country. A lot of tourists too do not forget to add wine tasting tours to their travel plans as some countries are known for their excellent wineries.

If you are looking for such a wine tasting experience that may be closer to home for you, then why not consider visiting the wineries in Napa Valley? Napa Valley has several Napa wine tasting tours to suit the needs of each of its customers. If you are looking to combine wine tasting with adventure, there is a Napa wine tasting tour for that too.

Napa Valley is known the world over as one of the best wine regions. It has over 45000 acres of grape plantation, thereby guaranteeing that anyone wishing to go on a Napa wine tasting tour would have a wonderful experience.

Choose a Napa wine tasting tour that would work well for you. Consider what you are looking to gain out of this wine tasting experience and then choose which Napa tour for tasting wine you wish to go for. Lodging can be found easily, in and around the Napa valley. This makes it easier for you and your family to wake up just in time for your Napa wine tasting tour. Whether you wish to stay in an inn, hotel or motel, there is lodging to suit your pocket, while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the scenery.

You might also want to look at the list of activities and events that take place throughout the year on each Napa wine tasting tour, in order to make the most out of your experience. Either get a brochure, check out their website or sign-up for their newsletter to keep up-to-date with such events.

Visiting Napa Valley during specific festivals would be a great chance for you to taste different types of wine, whether you decide to take a biking tour or a simple picnic tour of the wineries.

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Nov 032011

California is a land with rich wineries. It is an exquisite adventure to tour Californian wineries for a die hard wine lover. There are many ways to travel in the wine country. Napa Valley wine tour and Sonoma county tour operators provide extensive and memorable ways to travel. Read on to choose the one that suits you best.
Napa Valley wine tours will be an adventurous experience for you if you choose to take a tour in one of the hot air balloons. The beautiful sunrise and the view of wineries from the top will be etched in your mind forever. There are complimentary breakfasts that come with the ride.
Sonoma County and Napa Valley can be viewed by traveling in trains. The Napa wine train provides a unique travel experience. It is a 3 hour ride. There are various options to choose from. From dinner adventure to luncheon package the list is endless. Napa Valley wine tours through trains are another option to a memorable experience.

This is the most common and easiest way to visit Sonoma County and Napa Valley. You can easily rent a car and grab few brochures of wineries and drive away to your destinations. You can consider traveling on jeeps to make your Napa Valley wine tours much easier. They drop you in the vineyards too!
This is one of the cheapest methods to tour the wine country. It is a stress free way to visit Napa Valley and Sonoma County.
It is a luxurious way to travel in the wine country. If you have money you can flaunt it. The tours can be custom made for you. Limos offer you hassle free wine tours. There is a driver who takes care of taking you to your preferred destination at the time you want him to. The only thing you are expected to do is to taste the wines.
There are 6 day itineraries that can allow you to peddle away to the wineries you want to visit. Many young people prefer to bike on Napa Valley as they can enjoy the climate and lazy away through the wineries as long as they can.
You can experience hiking too. There are 5 day itineraries that provide adventurous hiking experience. You can catch up the wine makers up close and gain knowledge from them at personal level.
There are several itineraries that can take you around the country on horse back. This may eat your time too. So choose a less extensive type of itinerary that can keep you busy all the time.
It is recommended to choose the one hat will sit you best. Have a word with people who are accompanying you and then decide the travel method.

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Oct 282011
napa valley
by lyng883

Are you preparing yourself to go for a vacation? Are you willing to learn something new which is not available in every tour? Then answer for your similar questions is Napa Valley Wine Tours. Here you will come to know many interesting facts and will also have a wonderful opportunity to visit the wineries and vineyards. So get ready for this and start heading towards the beautiful wine country tour at Napa Valley Wine Tours.

While travelling around the California’s premiere wine-producing county, you will be able to discover all about wines, and their history. You can have your trip in Wine country tour shuttle as they are in mission to serve the tourist in this wine country. These tour operators run their daily services in Napa valley and other wine regions of California. There would be many individuals who don’t favor wines. And thus they think that this tour is not meant for them. But to say you, Napa Valley Wine Tours offers much more for non-wine lovers too. It is an excellent tour opportunity for both wine lovers and non-wine person. As this vineyards will welcome you to have a visit in their wineries and to have a watch on their wine making process.

The sparkling wines of Napa valley will make the non-wine lover to just have a sip of their elegant wines. Some of these wines are non alcoholic in nature. As most of the wine producing concerns offer free wine tasting to holiday makers. And if you are willing to have fresh and different flavor wines each month then you can subscribe your membership with wineries. Once you have finished your membership subscription you will start receiving the finest wines from these vineyards at your door step.

Other than wine tasting, Napa valley wine tours offers you a wide range of activities to do and to explore many new things. They see to that your each moment is filled with fun and will also ensure that you have a memorable trip. A Non- alcoholic wine will give you pleasure and a good shared experience. These varieties in wines are made available almost in all wineries irrespective of the truth that the most of the individuals consume alcoholic wines. They are more reasonable as well as cost-effective too. in this region Grapes play an important role as they are the main source for the production of wines in this valley.

The tour operators will equally balance the tour for wine lovers and non wine lovers. They rope in various activities for both groups of holiday makers. They offer to have a picnic lunch in the vineyards, to taste the wines from the wineries at free of cost, tour to the well-known wineries in the Napa valley and your return journey in ferry- bay cruise. It does not ends here the tour operators will give you many offers on their charging policies. Thus give you an additional opportunity to save more on your tour.

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Oct 222011
california wine
by AGMaynard

If you want to enjoy best California wine then Sonoma wine region is a perfect place to experience it. Unlike the neighboring Napa wine region which is more commercialized, Sonoma wine country has is more smaller and family owned and operated kind of wineries. You will find very friendly people in Sonoma country wine tasting rooms, more than anywhere in the whole wine growing region. Sonoma wine country has more than 200 wineries (big and small) and it has about 100 thousand acres wine growing land.

Sonoma has 5 distinct wine-growing districts: Dry Creek Valley, Los Carneros District, Sonoma Valley, Russian River Valley and Alexander Valley. You will find the premium quality wines of both white and red wine, famous categories include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pino, Syrah, Zinfandel, Shiraz and very often vineyards have their own special wine. The best time to visit the region is during summers when the vines/grape plants are loaded with grapes. Although it can be a bit warm, it is truly the best time to enjoy the true ambiance of the region.

To reach the Sonoma wine country, just drive 30 miles north of Golden gate bridge and about 20 miles more to reach the wine growing heartland of the region. You can alternatively fly here by using the services of Horizon airlines which connects Sonoma county’s Santa Rosa Airport (RSA) to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Seattle. There are shuttle buses (Airporter Express) directly from San Francisco and Oakland airports to the county. Although there is public transport available in bigger cities of the county, to visit the core wine region you will need to drive on your own. To fully enjoy the region, we suggest you to stay here for at least a few days and not plan just a day-trip. Sonoma county has more to offer than just wine, it is a huge entertainment location on its own offering a variety of activities and attractions, some of which are listed below.


1. Take a hot air balloon ride end enjoy the vastness and beauty of wine region from the sky. There are many hot air ballooning operators in the region.

2. Visit the beautiful River rock casino at Russian river and Alexander valley, offering a range of services to their guests.

3. Point Arena Lighthouse and Museum.

4. Boating and fishing facilities at the Sonoma coast along the Pacific ocean and along the Russian river. Rent a cabin at Jenner facing the ocean and spend the night with your loved ones.

5. Taste the Sonoma county goat cheese considered the best in country.

6. Safari west wildlife preserve.

7. Hike at the Armstrong Redwoods state reserve .

8. Infineon Raceway where you can enjoy professional car racing experience.

9. Fort Ross State Historic Park: The site of trading post and fort established by Russians in 1812.

10. Train Ride and wine train.

11. Petrified forest and old faithful geyser in Calistoga.

12. Several premium Golf courses, Spa’s and shopping malls for you to relax.

13. Being so close to San Francisco you may also consider visiting the GOLDEN GATE bridge, Pier 39,Alcatraz, China Town and the famous Crooked street of SF Downtown.

14. Luther Burbank Home and Gardens: Life and work of the horticulturist who introduced 800 variety of flowers, fruits, nuts etc..

15. Nightlife is good too, there are several bars and clubs especially in Santa Rosa.

Great websites for comprehensive information are and



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Oct 162011

If you are looking for a paradise on planet Earth then Napa Valley, California, is definitely the heaven of leisure and soul retreat. Massage in Napa is popular for its consistent natural culture and high quality-relaxing environment at an inexpensive price. That slice of land is immersed in delightful pleasure of relaxing and body care.

Spot on Napa massage style includes pleasures like, emolument facials, heat packs, aromatherapy treatments, manicures, pedicures & many more. The sloppy and wellness-driven atmosphere of Napa Valley leaves in you rich and mind recreational solitude.

Napa massage package includes a personal cherished spa experience with ample time given to you for enjoying privacy in calm environment prior and subsequent to the treatments complimented with organic gourmand herbal hot beverages. Moreover, services offered in Napa massage are inclusive of Swedish massage and aroma-oil therapy with special treatments for specific body areas like Natural Face Mask, Foot Glow Neck Wrap, Back Glow, Cold stone face massage etc.

Napa vacations are meant to pamper you with all the body care to rejuvenate not just your skin but your soul as well. Napa massage packages are available for everybody, individuals, couples and small groups. The main motive of Napa Valley massage is to renew, revive and provide your body a royal treatment that you are not able to give in your busy schedule. Napa spa packages suit everybody’s needs of peace and relaxation.

For couples, the Napa wine retreat in the vineyards of Napa wine country provides massage package to reconnect your souls together, rekindle your time and relax while taking through silence.

The Wine Country massage package gives you classic Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, chardonnay massage, essential back and neck massage, foot reflexology, ala carte menu, garden cleansing facial and many more to make you feel the presence of heaven on earth.

St. Pierre Center for Massage, Inc. in Napa Valley offers massage and facial appointments daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 p.m. Same day Napa massage appointments and walk- ins are both welcome. Call to book between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Book early for spa party packages, as space fills up fast. Our day spa coordinators will answer the phone when you call and help you choose your spa package and book your Napa massage reservations. The couples massage room also fills up fast so please book your couples massage to reserve the date and time you would like.

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Oct 102011

There is an ever prevailing confusion about buying a wine and making it go with the dish that you are about to serve for your guests or your family. This confusion is the first step towards learning all about wines. If you are not satisfied by your choice of wine, just chill because even the wine exerts fail to notice occasionally. First things first – believe that it is not common that one can tell what a wine could taste like until he/ she opens it up and takes a sip. Everyone is subject to imperfections and faults. Do not blame yourself if you find wines very difficulty. In order to make it a pleasure and learn more about wines hit California. Take this wine country tour and equip yourself with lots of information about wines. You can see to yourself the wine making process if you take a California wine country tour. California is home to diverse types of wineries. You can learn to pick a good wine by following these tips;

Type of Grape used – Information regarding the type of grape that went in the making of the wine will be specified on the label. Grapes are the primary differentiator of tastes that wines pick up. The tastes of grapes differ vastly. And this is why there are a variety of wines available. There are even wines made from 2 or more grape variety. This enhances the diverse tastes in which wines are available. This results in an array of flavors unheard of. They are called blended wines. Blended wines can delight your taste buds in an exciting manner. But here the cellar masters have the opportunity to mix low quality grapes to make good sales. Therefore only trust well known and certified wine makers.

Winery – Wineries make a great difference when you determine the taste of the wine. A handful of wineries always produce wines that give best taste. So you can depend on those labels. So, check on all brands a few times and decide on buying the ones that are very consistent in providing the best taste.

Place – Also check the region where the grapes where picked from. This information is provided on the label of the bottle. Grapes acquire the flavor from the soil they are grown in. France for instance induces lavender aroma to the wines that are made out of their grapes. So there is abundant variety depending upon the place where the grapes were picked from.

Year of produce – Look out for this information without fail. If a particular year was bad to the vineyard then they are sure to yield bad wines. They make a sea difference in the taste of the wine.

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Oct 042011

California is famous for its vineyards and one of the best wines of the world comes from these parts. There are more than two thousand wineries. Touring this grape-rich country is a thrilling experience. The travel is on a cruise which takes you to the wineries. The people travel by small ships enjoying the beauty of the sea. There are interactive sessions with wine experts and special guests who give us a background about the history about the place. There are visits to wineries on shore.

August is the harvest season in the area and this is the best time to visit there. The Mediterranean climate is just right for growing grapes. There are special wine events and festivals around this time. So, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the beautiful bay and riverside and visit the wineries and also tour the architectural places of the glorious past. This a tour that expert wine tasters and novices will enjoy to the maximum, since there is wine, culture and beautiful scenery all put together in one journey.

There are many famous areas that can be visited on this tour. Some of them are Amador County, Lodi Country, Monterey Country, Napa Valley, Pasco Robles, Santa Cruz Country and Sonoma Country.

Amador Country is famous for its Gold Rush attraction. In Jackson town you have the Amador Country Museum which houses the memorabilia from the Gold Rush period. Indian Rock Grinding State Park is 2,400ft above sea level, situated at Pine Grove. At Suffer Creek you can the buildings of the Gold Rush era and can also do some shopping.

The wineries of Shenandoah Valley have high class Amador wines. Ario in a new winery and has Italian wine and Dobra Zemula produces “Big Reds’ of Amador.

Lodi country is said to be the hidden jewel of the California wine country. Here you can taste wine at the Lodi wine country and Jessie’s Grove Winery where you can get to know the history of Lodi wineries. There are many marshes and the river basin houses hundreds of birds, reptiles and fishes. Many people come there for bird watching. During winter many Sandhill Cranes come there. At the Lodi Wine and Visitor center there are demonstrations on wine grape growing and wine making.

The Monterey country has 40,000 acres for growing grapes. Monterey and Camel area by sea are great vacation spots. The sunset is beautiful. People can go kayaking, watch the whales and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. National Steinbeck Center at Salines showcases John Steinbeck’s world and has exhibits for all ages.

Napa Valley has almost four hundred wineries, all world class. It was the first to be recognized by the American Viticultural Area (AVA). The famous types of wines Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Malbec are found here. At Oakville you have the Robert Mondavi Winery. Grot h, Duckhorn, and Stag’s Leap Winery are some of the wineries on the Silverado Trail. The town of St. Helena’s is great for shopping. The view from Napa valley and the tram ride to Sterling Vineyards hilltop winery are really enjoyable.

Pasco Robles is between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It has 170 wineries and about 26,000 acres of vineyard. It has wide selection of wines like, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Marsanne etc. You can walk leisurely down the coast and visit the downtown City Park. At Pasco Robles vineyards you can listen to a talk about wine planting and wine growing.

The Santa Cruz country has the David Bruce winery, Beach Bargetto winery, Copper-Garrod vineyards and Beauregerd vineyards. You can go over the mountains and walk on Bear Creek Road. You can see the David Bruce chateau and Santa Cruz wharf.

Sonoma is famous for its variety of wines. You can taste Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernot and Sauvignon. You can walk on the beach and watch whales at The Bodega Bay. The Jack London State Park and museum is there.

September is celebrated as wine month. Why not visit this year and enjoy the tour of vineyards in California.

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Sep 282011
napa valley
by jimg944

Napa Valley with more than 360 wineries is considered the heart and soul of American winemaking. This beautiful valley located in California is very small, yet where wine making is concerned it is very big. Napa valley produces more than 12 dozen varieties of grapes. The two most popular varieties of that Napa Valley produces are Cabernet Sauvignon for red wine and Chardonnay for white.

The Cabernet Sauvignon variety of grapes is used to produce the best red wines from the regions of Medoc and Graves. Chardonnay which is used to make the best white wines and white burgundies is considered to be the best variety of grapes of the Champagne region of France and is found in Napa Valley. When we talk about wines, we actually talk about the grapes that are used to make them. Here are some of the most popular varieties of grapes of the Napa Valley


Charbono grapes, which were brought to California from France in 1869, are red grapes used to produce the best red wines. Inglenook, one of the oldest and best wineries in California started using Charbono to make the best red wine in the 1880s. Now with only 75 acres of Charbono grape vineyard left and most of it in the Napa Valley, it is fair to say that Charbono belongs to Inglenook and Napa.

The Charbono wine is a rich and deep colored wine with a spicy aroma. It is a full-bodied wine with hints of berry and roasted coffee. Its texture is like velvet and it has a cedar undertone to it. This Charbono wine can taste vital, fresh and young even after years of aging, the reason for this is because of the tannins, which keep the wine tasting fresh and young.


Semillon though not so well known is a good white wine grape. This Bordeaux wine grape was brought to California and specifically to Napa Valley much later and only for it to be blended with the Sauvignon Blanc, which is a floral and pungent grape. Semillon on its own can make a good wine of a unique flavor and superior quality than the Sauvignon Blanc, but no region in France, which is considered the land of wines, produces a pure Semillon wine. California however has a few wineries like the Clos du Val winery in Napa Valley that makes pure Semillon wine.

Chenin Blanc

The Chenin Blanc grape is a functional grape. It is used to make many wines like Vouvray, Anjou, Saumur and wines that vary from crisp, fruity, dry to rich, full and smooth. California started using Chenin Blanc to make sparkling and jug wines, but in Napa Valley, Chenin Blanc is used to make fruity, airy and delicate fine wines. This was initiated by the Chappellet winery in the Napa Valley. The Chappellet Chenin Blanc wine is popular as being a wine of fine quality and a blend of aromas like green aromas, citrus with a taste of melon, peaches, spice and vanilla.

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Sep 222011
california wine
by naotakem

Located approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco , Napa Valley is home to numerous world class wineries. Tourists galore keep coming here unceasingly to explore the area, halting at all the wayside wineries and sampling rare and vintage wine in various tasting rooms. But you should opt for the guided tours of the Napa Valley wine country so as not to miss all the picturesque sites and also the less prominent wineries often missed by the general tourists.

Exploring the Napa Valley Wine Country can be educative, entertaining and adventurous – even if you are not a connoisseur of wines. To heighten your excitement, you can go though the Napa wineries using different modes – bike, car, train, bus, limo, balloon, boat, motor cycle, horseback etc.

One of the most comfortable methods of visiting the Napa Valley wineries is by engaging a car and self-driving with the aid of a few wine country brochures and guide books. You can even opt for jeep tours that will take you through the vineyards and not just the tasting rooms. These tours are ideal if you wish to learn more about the vineyards and the process of wine making.

The Napa wine tour by train offers a memorable travel experience to several well known wineries. You can choose from a plethora of excursion options along with specific winery tour packages. There are holiday and themed Wine Train specials available throughout the year and you can check up to find updated information about the forthcoming Wine Train programs.

Opting for the wine country shuttle tours by bus will mean you can be care-free and concentrate on the wineries as there will be a designated driver and a well-conceived wine country itinerary already in place. These shuttle bus trips stop at the major Napa Valley Wineries and include a picnic lunch and invariably end with an exciting ferry ride back to San Francisco .

There are plenty of luxury tour options if you wish to avail the classic limo service. This is an excellent method if you are looking to explore the California wine country scene without having to worry about driving after tasting or wasting time sorting out winery directions or getting caught in tourist traps. This is an ideal option if you just want to concentrate on the featured wines.

If you have enough time to leisurely go around and wish to get close and personal with the best of the Napa Valley wineries, the right thing would be to choose from the many cycling vacation packages. The popular Napa valley bike tours can offer you unlimited fun and excitement as you pedal through the wine country’s most quaint side roads and alleys. Please know that bicycle tours offers wine country 4-day and wine country 6-day itineraries with many attractive add-ons.

The most exciting and adventurous tour of wine country tour is availing the Napa valley balloons. The balloons will soar high to provide you a rare glimpse of sunrise in California ‘s most treasured Napa Valley . The balloons glide over the valley at an altitude of 2,000 feet and the extraordinary ride lasts for nearly an hour and includes a continental breakfast.

To derive a sense of complete fulfillment, you can also experiment going around the wine country by boat, by foot, by motorcycle and on horseback. But, regardless how you decide to navigate through California ‘s most endearing wine country, one thing is certain and that is you will never be disappointed. Fantastic wineries, fascinating scenery and a truly hospitable atmosphere will beckon you whatever the mode of your travel.

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